Liam Redpath - Secretary

Welcome to our website.

Liam's role as Secretary is to deal with the routine administrative matters of the Association for all of our Members and to be the contact point for other bodies such as Football Leagues and National Associations.  The Secretary also organises meetings and certain other Association events.

The focus however is shifting more towards supporting those responsible for the development of others in the Association and this is where it brings some real rewards.

The Secretary is the first point of contact for referees who have difficulties and pass them on to the person most suited to deal with their issue.

It requires a lot of personal communication and therefore Members must advise the Secretary timeously of any changes to your personal details e.g. address, contact numbers, email etc.  This ensures you receive Association information on time. Advise me on

Email has become a very useful and cost effective tool with which to advise members of important news between mailings and consequently, if the Association don't have an up to date email address for you, then you are missing out.

The Association needs new members, both to help cover the hundreds of games that take place each week in Fife, but also to ensure that we benefit from the new ideas that fresh blood can bring. However, we also need existing members to share the workload that is currently undertaken by the few.  This could be as simple as advising us of any newsworthy items for the Newsletter and Website, or it could extend to observing new members at matches or helping to organise functions.  Any time you can spare is appreciated.

To put items on the website email: George MacDonald on and to include things in the Newsletter email: Jamie Dinnel at

My very best wishes to you all.


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